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Building Teams Through Rhythm - Drum Circle Playshop

Drum Circle Playshop

Looking for a unique teambuilding experience where all team members achieve a common goal together? We can manage groups from 40 pax to 650 pax in 1 session. Yes, we have 650 musical drums..surprise!!!!!! And we conduct our programme anywhere in Malaysia, Thailand (KRABI) and Bali.

A Drum Circle Playshop (DCP) is a group of people having fun creating simple rhythmic parts on a chorus of tuned drums, percussion and musical instruments to create a dynamic music experience. The ultimate goal of our unique Drum Circle Playshop is reaching Orchestral Level by having the team of mostly non-musicians transform through 4 levels. Hitting Orchestral Level in 2 hours is indeed an exciting and motivating experience to every participant. There goes whatever negative mindsets.! DCP for Teambuilding provides uplifting and energising activities that allow all employees to feel empowered while building team spirit.

We use rhythm to explore and inspire group empowerment, leadership and community building. DCP builds leadership skills using the drum circle as a model and the many metaphors within. Participants will learn how to lead a successful rhythm-based event regardless of music background or previous experience.

The language of rhythm is a powerful one that transcends verbal communication. Participants will utilise skills requiring concentration, listening skills and communication leading towards enhanced camaraderie among all staff. Through drumming, employees interact in new ways that transcend titles, and as a successful drumming event is created, all barriers of social and economic status are removed.

The ultimate outcome of this memorable experience will lead to better relationships among participants while increasing confidence and building trust.

What to expect from our DCP event:

-Builds effective teams and empowers community
-Promotes the concept of Servant-Leadership
-Promotes creativity and “can-do” mindset
-Opens minds to new ideas
-Promotes self-confidence by removing fear
-Promotes the concept of “teaching - without - teaching” methodology
-Participants learn by Self-Discovery facilitated by our training consultants
-Facilitates communication – listening skills and   body language
-Builds trust and confidence
-Inspires community spirit and oneness towards a common goal
-Enhances wellness and health
-Helps reduce stress and release negative energy

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Go Teams

Never doubt that a small group
of thoughtful, committed people
can change the world. Indeed, it is
the only thing that ever has.

Go T.E.A.M.S main programmes namely Drum Circle Playshops (DCP) and Corporate Soldiers ™ laser tag wargames, customised to the needs of every client, endeavour to achieve the following objectives:

-Promote learning through the Teaching-Without-Teaching (TWT) methodology, where we build in metaphors for learning in our Drum -Circle Playshop and Corporate Soldiers Wargame
-Improve interpersonal skills and communication
-Improve team productivity and effectiveness
-Motivate and energise the team
-Promote the “can-do” mindset
-Identify and utilise the strengths of team members
-Help participants to learn more about their strengths and weaknesses
-Practise effective collaboration with other team members
-Get everyone to set team goals and move towards achieving them
-Create a more conducive and joyful work culture
-Get to know each other within the team
-Impart knowledge and teach skills on specific learning modules while having fun

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Corporate Soldiers

Our Corporate Soldiers ™ Programme uses Outdoor Laser Tagging, through the many experiential metaphors, provokes learning related to teambuilding, leadership, business strategy, decision-making, planning and execution, delegation, communication, and motivation. It is an excellent choice for staff retreats, team bonding and family days or even for a kids birthday parties.                                                

During teambuilding sessions, participants will realise that the best way to win the game is to work in small teams. The team has to decide on a strategy and each participant has to perform his or her part to complete the mission’s objectives. Every individual plays an important role in this game as this is a team event and team scores will be tracked. The winning team shall be rewarded as a team as well, reinforcing the culture of achievement of corporate objectives through teams.

With our state-of-the art and sophisticated replica laser taggers and equipment. Our laser taggers have an authentic look, weight, size, sound, and muzzle flash but no projectile, meaning there are no bullets or messy, painful pellets. The technology used is the same as our television remote controllers and it runs on batteries. It does not involve any projectile and is therefore 100% safe to use in indoor or outdoor settings.

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