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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Activities You Can Do in The Library (FHCL)

Kini Dibawah Pentadbiran 
Perpustakaan Awam Negeri Pahang
Activities You Can Do in The Library
[ http://fhcl.com.my/activities-you-can-do-in-the-library ]

Activities You Can Do in The Library


We have sitting areas for readers to browse, read, or do research. For this we have fiction and non-fiction; school and university textbooks; specialist academic materials (human sciences and environmental studies); reference materials (dictionaries, encyclopedias etc.); magazines; comics in different languages..


We have tables and chairs for writing your research paper, and kids to do their homework. Reference books and computers are there to help find information and research materials.

Board games:

We provide tables and chairs on the stage outside the library every Saturday for visitors to play chess, Chinese checkers, cluedo, congkak, diplomacy, draughts, jigsaw puzzles, monopoly, risk, scrabble, snakes & ladders and many other board games.

Mandala Colouring:

We welcome children - local and visitors – every Sunday to exercise their imagination colouring mandalas. We provide free crayons and coloured pencils but the mandala designs themselves are charged at RM1 each.

Video viewing:

We have a modest collection of DVDs, audio books and music. Visitors are welcome to view/listen, on condition that they use the headphones provided in order to not disturb others.


We provide three computers for public use for word processing, browsing the web and checking emails. We would discourage playing computer games on our computers but visitors can do so if they bring their own storage disks or laptops which need to be checked for viruses by a member of library staff before they can be used.

Copying and printing facilities:

This is not a free service: printing and photocopying are available at a fee and subject to standard copyright restrictions. The charge for printing is RM2.00 for black & white, RM3.00 for colour and 50 sen per photocopy of up to five pages.

Browsing and Borrowing

Most of the Library’s holdings can be found in the Open Shelf collection to which all users - both Members and Non-Members - have access.

The Red Spot collection, in contrast, consists of a small set of items - reference works, specialist academic collections, and rare or valuable books – and cannot be borrowed or taken out of the Library.

Only registered Members - Ordinary, Associate, Junior and Honorary – have the privilege of reserving, borrowing and renewing library material, either by visiting the Library in person or by email.

About The Fraser’s Hill Community Library (FHCL)

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