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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Library Membership (FHCL)

Kini Dibawah Pentadbiran Perpustakaan Awam Negeri Pahang
Library Membership
[ http://fhcl.com.my/library-membership ]
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Library Membership

Membership  Eligibility
Application for membership is open to all adults, irrespective of gender, age, ethnicity, religion or creed (see Section 3 of the Library’s General Rules and Regulations)

Applicants must be at least 18 years old but young persons under the age of 18 may apply for Junior Membership if they can provide a letter granting permission from a parent or guardian [see below]

University or university-college students must supply evidence of written approval by the Vice-chancellor of the university/college concerned.

Only Ordinary and Honorary members are eligible to vote and hold posts in the Association.

All visitors to the library are entitled to make use of its facilities; browsing books, magazines and periodicals, watching DVDs and videos, playing board games, surfing the web and engaging in library sponsored activities.

Members, Ordinary, Associate, Junior, Life and Honorary, have the right to borrow books and DVDs for a limited period, to take advantage of priority access to Public and Private Programmes and Activities, to contribute ideas, and to volunteer their time to help with the running of the library and its activities and programmes.

In addition, Ordinary and Honorary Members have voting rights in the AGMs of the Association and are eligible to stand for election to the Association’s Executive Committee and, in this way, directly influence the development of the Library.

Membership Categories
There are five categories of membership: Ordinary, Associate, Junior, Life, and Honorary

Ordinary Members: Fraser’s Hill residents, or individuals who are regular visitors or who are employed by organizations on Frasers Hill.

Associate Members: Non-residents or irregular/infrequent visitors.
Junior Members: Juveniles who are under 18 years of age and Fraser’s Hill residents or the children of regular visitors or employees.

Life Members: Ordinary or Associate Members who have paid a one-off Life Membership fee of RM200.00

Honorary Members: Individuals who have been invited by the committee to accept Life Membership in recognition of particular service to the Association.

Our Honary Members are:
YB Dato' Sri Hj Mohd Sharkar bin Hj Shamsudin (Chairman of Tourism and Culture, Pahang Darul Makmur)
Dato' Ishak bin Hj Mokhtar (General Manager of Fraser’s Hill Development Corporation)
Dato’ Khairulanuar bin Mahmood (YDP Raub Town Council)
Dato’ Abd Manab bin Abd Wahab (Businessman)
Encik Wan Hussin bin Wan Ismail (Formerly Deputy Director of the National Library)
Professor R.T. Bell (Formerly Professor of Linguistics at the University of Westminster and Visiting Professor at USU, North Sumatra)
Dato’ Dr Fadzilah Muhammad Ali (Educationist, Counselling expert, Member of Board of Directors Kolej Teknologi Timur, Advisor Art Malaysia)

About The Fraser’s Hill Community Library (FHCL)

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